Voice Sound & Singing with Theresa

Meditative and Celebrative Singing Events with Theresa

The human voice is intimately connected to the very essence of our soulfulness, and is a nutrient
for our Spirit as well as our body. It touches places that hands cannot reach.

Evening Events and Day-Long Gatherings

These evening and day-long events are open to all....to those experienced in singing and to those who are not. They consist of easy songs, chants, and rounds...songs of healing and passage, songs of playfulness and joy, songs celebrating the earth and our own spirit. They are for lovers of singing and for those who are ready to discover that they can indeed sing. Something happens when we chant and sing together, when we choose to give our voices, our energy, and our hearts to a common song and to each other. We invite you to ride the wave of music that stirs your body to move and sing out, and at other times, to sink into quiet chant and tranquil centering.

Coming Together in Spirit and Song 2016:
A Spring Singing Retreat for Women
7th Annual,  Yellow Springs

Women singing with women has been a mainstay in communities since the beginning of the human race. Join your voice with other women and feel the strength, inspiration, support, and healing that circle singing can bring. Something happens when we chant and sing together, when we choose to give our voices, our energy, and our hearts to a common song and to each other.

This day-long retreat will be a heartfelt journey of discovering, integrating, expanding, and refining both your voice and your self-expression--freeing you to share your unique gifts with the world. The day is designed to be fun, challenging, healing, and richly rewarding, all within a learning climate of caring, respect, and nonjudgmental acceptance of your unique voice.

Learn simple songs, chants, and rounds ♥ Open to your own voice as a tool for healing (self and other) ♥ Allow the essence and aliveness of your true voice to emerge ♥ Practice a variety of vocal, toning, and breathing exercises, designed to free the voice ♥ Ground yourself in your body and the beat ♥ Recognize the intimate connection of your body, heart, soul, mind, and spirit

No singing experience or ability to read music is necessary.

Everyone can make sound, everyone can sing. All are welcome.

Threshold Singing: 

Easing the Way with Gentle Song

After many years of singing to people in need and transition, Theresa joined together with a growing national movement called Threshold Choir, that follows the ancient tradition of women singing at the bedsides of people who are dying or struggling with challenging issues. Kate Munger founded the organiza- tion a decade ago in the Bay Area of California (www.thresholdchoir.org). Now there are more than 100 all-women choirs in the United States and Canada.

Singers go in groups of 2 or 3 to private homes, hospices, care facili- ties, and hospitals, when invited to do so by patients, their family, or caregivers. Families and caregivers are invited to join us in song or to participate by listening, if they so desire. The singing is usually quiet and tender, and is meant to soothe, comfort, uplift, and bring peace. The repertoire consists of simple songs and chants, rounds, lullabies, hymns, and any requests that we may know.

Theresa founded the Cincinnati and the Yellow Springs, Ohio, Threshold Choirs

To sing is an expression of your being, a being which is becoming.
                                                                                     Maria Callas

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