About Jon & Theresa

Theresa & Jon SapunarJon and Theresa, a couple since 1979, are co-founders of the Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth, dedicated to the exploration, integration, and healing of the personal, relational, and spiritual realms of human experience.


Jon Sapunar, LISW

Jon graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1968 with a Masters in Psychiatric Social Work. His 45 years of personal growth and professional training consists of extensive psychological and spiritual work, which has led to an approach integrating body, mind, and spirit. He combines training in Gestalt, Jungian, Bioenergetics, and Focusing theory and practice, along with extensive study and practice of several meditation approaches oriented towards living in the present moment. He is very fortunate to have received spiritual teachings from master teachers in Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, and Self-Inquiry.

Another area of special interest is utilizing breathwork to consciously integrate unconsious emotions, blocks, and memories, as well as opening restricted breathing patterns for greater energy, health, and consciousness.  He has also specialized in work with men for 30 years, was co-director of the Men's Counseling Service in Sonoma County, California, and is a founding member of the Men's Center of Greater Cincinnati. He has a special interest in working with couples, based on his own work in his 32-year marriage and the belief that partner work is a powerful spiritual path.

For the past several years, Jon has experienced awakenings and realizations of his true nature.  He is deeply committed in supporting and guiding others to awaken to their true nature. 

Theresa Horan-Sapunar, IMFT

Theresa is a gifted teacher, facilitator, and spiritual mentor, who has been working with individuals, couples, groups, and communities for over 30 years, including 28 years as a psychotherapist and four years as director of a meditation center in Northern California. She has a Masters in Psychology, and is an Ohio-licensed and California-licensed independent marriage and family therapist. She has been creating unique women's retreats, seminars, and groups for enhanced well-being, creativity, and spiritual development since 1977. She has extensive professional training and personal experience in the expressive arts, meditation practices, Nonviolent Communication, neo-Reichian body and breath work, the Enneagram, Jungian theory and practice, meditative movement, voice work and Biospiritual Focusing. Based on her training, research, and professional experience, she has developed an innovative process that incorporates psychological growth and healing with the spiritual, the body with the mind and heart. 

In addition, she is the Founder/Director of the Yellow Springs Threshold Choir and the founder of the Cincinnati Threshold Choir, which consists of women who sing at the bedsides of those struggling, some with dying, some with living.  She has been teaching singing and chanting for over 30 years, and recently released her first CD of Sacred Chants, entitled One Heart, available at the Center or at Amazon. 

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