Spiritual Support by Theresa

Are you feeling that you would like to have a companion, a witness, a gentle guide on your spiriutal journey? When I support others in their spiritual opening and deepening, I am sharing what I have realized and experienced from my own  journey.  I am not offering any dogma or beliefs, but instead support, encouragement and guidance for others to recognize and experience their own true nature.  I have been on a deep and powerful spiritual journey for over 40 years, and have had the good fortune to encounter and receive from many teachers, paths, and experiences.  As I approach Social Security age, I feel a pull, a calling to share even more deeply and thoroughly what I have learned on my path of waking up and opening to the One...of receving deeply from Source and giving back open-heartedly to Life.

My orientation to these sessions is based on mutual respect, openness, and empathy.  I provide an environment of safety and support to explore the big questions in life: Who am I? What is important? What is my purpose? What is love? ...as well as to explore what keeps you from opening to your deepest self and living from there.

Below are some of the components of the spiritual path that I have found important, principles to keep in mind while traveling this mysterious journey we humans are on:

Self-compassion: I cannot emphasize enough the importance of developing a deep and heartfelt self-compassion.  Treating ourselves with warmth and gentleness does not come naturally to most of us.  We are much more familiar and even comfortable with a mixture of self-judgment and self-neglect.   I have found that approaching ourselves with an attitude of interest, acceptance, and warmth is the only way to truly see ourselves (or see our True Self)...we cannot see that which we judge. We gradually learn to invite and receptively await our essential self to reveal itself.  

Present-moment awareness: Developing present-moment awareness in our life experience is not only the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, it is also the most responsible contribution we can make to humanity.  By being fully present in each moment, we sense what actually is, which gives us the consciousness to relate to life as it truly is, not what we wish it were.  We experience life directly and openly.  We learn to discern the difference between what is true and what stories my mind makes up about what is true.   

Body/Breath as a Doorway to the Deeper Self: The easiest, most effective way that I know to access a deeper sense of self is to slow down, turn inward, breathe, and tune into body sensations.  As we open our senses and let our minds slow down, we let down into a deeper sense of who we are, and drop into a palpable beingness, directly experiencing this moment.

Expressing outwardly from the Deeper Self: It has been very important for me on my spiritual path to find those vehicles which allow expression of what is deepest within me.  After we are able to let down into the Source and to access the vastness and spaciousness of the One, then to allow the depth of experience to find expression through movement and sound, words, art, relationship is enlivening, satisfying, and deeply nourishing.

Opening the Heart: Heart-work is an essential aspect of any spiritual path.  We can learn to heal our hearts from the various slings and arrows of life, and access the depth of love and compassion that is our essential nature.  

Self-Inquiry: This is an invaluable tool for investigating and exploring all aspects of the inner journey...what beliefs and experiences have we come to believe are true, what is actually true? what do we believe? what do we know? who am I? what does spiritual even mean to me? what is life? what stops me from trusting my deeper self?  This type of exploration requires open-ended questions that stimulate contemplation, rather than seeking the right answer.  

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