Spiritual Support by Jon

JonWhen I support others in their spiritual opening and deepening, I am sharing what I have realized and experienced from my own spiritual journey.  I am not offering any dogma or beliefs, but instead support, encouragement and guidance for others to recognize and experience their own spiritual nature.  

Spiritual development involves shifting our identification and attachment with our small sense of self.  This self is run by desire and fear, and composed of habitual emotional and behavioral patterns as well as thoughts and beliefs.  This identification with the small self leads to resistance and struggle with life, a sense of separation, suffering and a basic core fear.  This shift away from the small self begins when we discover that there is something beyond that is observing, and is not a part of our thoughts, emotions, sensations, stories, opinions and beliefs.  This shift deepens as we discover that our observer becomes the doorway into spacious pure awareness, through which all our experiences and thoughts pass.  As we deepen into the realization that this open loving awareness is our true nature, we become more present, peaceful and accepting of whatever is happening in the present moment.  There is a sense of well being and a unity with all things.  

The ares of focus that I have found to be the most effective for spiritual growth are: 

  • being in the present moment 
  • learning to experience instead of think about what is happening in the present  moment               
  • letting go of the need to know and understand what is going on
  • learning to recognize and rest in awareness
  • opening the heart center
  • inhabiting the body 

I hope the following information will give you more understanding about my approach:

I use different breathing methods that help one to be more in the body, create energy, open the heart and other centers, and promote presence.  Two of my favorite breath methods are Heart Rhythm Breathing and Circular Breathing.   I have found breath work to be one of the most powerful way to facilitate transformation. 

I teach Awareness techniques with an end goal to be able to accept everything as it is. This is a core part of my teaching.  We can learn to relax in awareness and follow its flow.  

Body work gives us a stronger sense of our body which makes it much easier to stay present, see our thoughts and emotions for what they are, and to not get carried away by them.   I use yoga, breathing, and bio-energetics. 

Heart centered energy work is used to open our hearts to compassion, unconditional love, present awareness and oneness.  I work with the four dimensions of the heart.

Tara Brach’s RAIN method guides us to dis-identify from beliefs and emotions by coming out of the mind and recognizing and allowing what we are experiencing right in the present moment.   We open to the flow of whatever is coming and going in our present experience.  

Self-inquiry gives us a way to investigate, explore and deepen by using open-ended questions directed at what is happening in the moment.   Self-inquiry does not seek a mental response but instead directs awareness inwards for insight.  

Some of the teachers that have most helped me in my awakening are Claudio Naranjo, Adyashanti, Dhiravamsa, Leonard Jacobson. Gangaji, Eckart Tolle, Tarthang Tuku Rimpoche, and Puran and Susanna Baer.

If you are interested in a session

The best way to see if what I am offering is right for you is to set up a time to meet.  this will give us a chance to get to know each other and you can let met know where you are spiritually and what you are looking for.  I will be able to let you know how I can support you in reaching where you want to go.

Conscious Breathwork Sessions

"The breath is the movement of spirit in the body." Andrew Weil

The focus of Conscious Breathwork is to open and heal the restricted breathing pattern. We begin by doing a breath analysis, which helps you discover the specific ways your breathing is restricted. Next you learn a unique circular breathing pattern that opens the breathing, and creates a high vibrational energy that clears repressed emotions and thoughts. This clearing allows you to contact your “true nature” and experience deep levels of peace, calmness, love, clarity, expansion, energy, and union. These are the experiences that change our perspective and relationship to life. As you continue to practice Conscious Breathwork, the power of an open and full breath is available to you in your day-to-day living. You become more present, emotionally balanced, empowered and experience increased wellness and optimal health.

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