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Our Thoughts

Self-Acceptance: An Inner Climate of Compassion by Theresa

Treating ourselves with warmth and gentleness does not come naturally to most of us.  We are much more familiar and even comfortable with a mixture of self-judgment and self-neglect.  This unfriendly inner attitude towards ourselves can be difficult to unlearn and to replace...More

Four Components of Compassionate Communication by Theresa and Jon

Compassionate Communication is a specific approach developed by Marshall Rosenberg that facilitates the flow of communication necessary for exchanging information and resolving differences peacefully. More...

Four Pathways to a Satisfying and Peaceful Life by Theresa and Jon

When we look back on our years of growth, healing, and self-exploration, and on our years of training, research, and experience in counseling and teaching others, we return time and again to four basic principles that guide and inspire us, four keys that ground us, that remind us of who we are, that open us to the Mystery. More...

Authentic Movement: A Weaving of Body, Heart, and Soul

I still bless the day that Authentic Movement came into my life.  You just never know when something is going to come along that fundamentally and profoundly changes you...

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