Journey Home Retreats with Theresa

 Close to the bone, there is an inner stratum, formed and cultivated in solitude,
where the essence of what I was, am now, and will be,
perhaps until the end of my days, 
hides itself and waits to be found.
                                                                                                         Doris Grumbach



Theresa provides women an opportunity to retreat for a day or a weekend, away from ordinary life, away from endless day-to-day responsibilities. Although the themes vary, each retreat offers women a chance to deepen their own development as wise, creative, and empowered spiritual beings. These retreats consist of befriending our bodies, listening to what comes from deep within, and creating a bridge into the experience of Spirit.  Meditation, body and breath exercises, writing, simple art process, sounding and singing, and meditative movement will be used to guide us on our journey.

Hundreds of women traveling the path of self-discovery and soul-care have found profound value in these periodic gatherings of like-minded women. Come join this community of women committed to growth, creativity, and spiritual deepening.

Women's Retreat in the California Redwoods
next one in 2017

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