Center for Personal & Spiritual Growth

    OceanWe welcome you to our website and our Center, which addresses both personal change and spiritual development.  We provide a safe, open atmosphere in which to explore and grow.  You may be seeking clarity and healing through counseling, transformation through depth psychotherapy, or spiritual growth and guidance.

    We want to share with you age-old and currently evolving teachings and methods that can guide and support you on your unique process of unfolding and healing. We provide groups and workshops to draw upon the collective energy of people coming together for growth, which accelerates and deepens each individual’s experience.

    We want to help you sense and trust your inner knowing, and support and guide each individual in recognizing and experiencing something greater than their personal self.     Our approach emphasizes a body-based, compassionate, present-centered orientation.

    Looking forward to the day our paths cross,   Theresa and Jon

    Cross-Country Move!
    Greetings from Eureka, CA

       Many of you know, and many of you probably don't know...we have moved "back home" to Northern California, after 22 years of a growthful and deepening life in Ohio.  We have deep gratitude for all that we received and experienced in the Midwest, and wish all old acquaintances, clients, students, and colleagues well.
       We are settling into our new home on the edge of a redwood forest, 15 mintues from the ocean.  And we are also settling into our new life, as we vision and gradually create the new form, the new blossoming of the Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth.  We are experimenting and developing our skills with online groups, counseling, and classes.  We have found this to be an incredibly satisfying and effective way to share what we have learned over the years, to offer what we know from our 40+ years of working and growing.
    Feel free to contact us for online counseling or groups in our new location.  
       Bear with us as we evolve, as we create who we are becoming.  In addition to our online presence for teaching and counseling, we will, of course, be developing a physical presence and practice here in Northern California--gradually and organically.  Stay tuned.


    Offering a complete program for personal healing and spiritual deepening

    Professional Help for Personal Problems

     • Depression • Anxiety • Stress • Grief/Loss
    • Couples Issues • Past Traumas • Self-Esteem

    Teachings for Enhanced Quality of Life

    • Transform negative emotions • Healthy boundaries • Actualize goals and potentials
    • Empowerment • Self-acceptance • Fulfilling friendships
    • Body awareness and pleasure • Creativity

    Guidance for Spiritual Deepening

    • Living in the present moment • Spirituality in relationship • Experiencing the Sacred
    • Open-heartedness • Connecting to our spiritual nature


      Hearfelt appreciation to
    Margaret Copfer
    for the generous use of her astonishing artwork on this site 

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