Ongoing Men's Group with Jon

"Underlying the numbness, anger, and frustration many men experience is a well of grief that is often difficult to touch and express, yet floods the inner life or drowns the outer world of relationships."
Aaron Kipnis

At a certain point in a man's life he feels the call to make an inner journey. This journey takes him into the realm of the deep masculine where he can give voice to his grief, heal his wounds, express his vision, and come to know his true worth.

Traditionally, men have done this work in groups.

Because most of us have been raised on the myth of the heroic quest, we have learned to go it alone and to minimize the importance of support from other men. Without this support we remain isolated; our journey is made more difficult and perilous. Community is that place where we can be who we are without fear of being judged or ridiculed, where we can receive support and validation.

A men's support group is a small community where men can share what is truly important to them in an open and honest way. When this happens a unique opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth, healing, and wisdom takes place. Join me and other men in this journey of discovery and growth where we will focus on:

  • experiencing deep camaraderie and open communication
  • recognizing barriers to deepening male friendships
  • exploring values and images of masculinity that hinder or enhance fulfillment
  • healing the "father wound"
  • deepening the ability to experience our feelings and our body
  • discovering more satisfying ways to relate to women




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