Couples Groups with Jon and Theresa

Enriching Your Relationship:
A Day-Long Retreat for Couples 

This retreat is an invitation to leave your day-to-day demands and responsibilities at home and to turn your attention to exploring and enhancing your relationship.  The vitality and satisfaction of a loving connection is often lost in the busy-ness of daily life and repetitive patterns of behavior that erode trust, bring disappointment, and deaden intimacy.

You will learn tools and techniques you can use at home to support the deepening and opening of your relationship.  Structured exercises and shared meditation practices will develop your capacity for telling the truth with kindness and respect, listening with empathy and compassion, taking responsibility for one’s own feelings and needs, and finding creative resolutions to issues that invariably arise. 

Join us and other couples committed to creating truthful, vital, and nourishing relationships, and experience the support of couples on a similar path.  This retreat is equally valuable for old and new couples, couples of all ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds.

A bit about our relationship: We have been a couple for 34 years, are continually learning how to support each other’s personal and spiritual growth, and are grateful for the increasing depth this brings to our relationship.  We have been leading relationship retreats and doing marriage counseling for many years, and are known for creating an open and supportive atmosphere by sharing from our experiences as a couple.


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