Individual Counseling

Individual sessions are an opportunity to uncover and reconnect with your essential self, to develop an attitude of trust and appreciation for the natural unfolding process of self-discovery, growth, and healing. Through this work you can bring to light examine and leave behind internal conflicts, unresolved issues, childhood wounds, and self-criticism. This work leads to a clearer and stronger sense of what you want and feel, greater fulfillment in relationships, the ability to live more fully in the present, and the skills necessary to continue your own personal and spiritual work.

There are four different levels of attention and self-inquiry in these sessions:

  • Counseling deals with specific life issues, difficulties and crises.
  • Psychotherapy deals with these too, as well as exploring the structure of the personality and how it connects to inner conflicts.
  • Depth psychotherapy works towards the fulfillment of the personality through attaining personal wholeness and helping you to live authentically.
  • Spiritual teaching focuses on the realization of spirituality in everyday life and the specific challenges that arise from it.

These different levels of inner exploration are not necessarily predictable: coming to therapy to address a current life problem may lead to spiritual exploration, just as the intention to explore spiritual realms may lead to exploring unresolved issues in childhood.

In ongoing therapy you are gently encouraged to develop your innate self-healing and self-regulating abilities. Moving at your own pace and allowing time for integration and stabilizing in new insights, you are given suggestions for working on yourself between sessions. Individual therapy is appropriate for dealing with specific life issues, self development, realizing your potential, and spiritual growth.

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